Thursday, 20 October 2011

Ways and wows of The Verity

Verity: A word that encompasses everything our newspaper and our team stands for. It is defined as the quality or condition of being true, factual, or real. It is a quality that our broadsheet has and hence the name “The Verity”.

The name of our newspaper came upon as a lightning, striking our minds during one of our earliest team discussions. Our sub-editor Tanvi Dube came up with this idea and it was instantly agreed upon since we all felt the same about our newspaper. Verity is after all, like a synonym of truth, and truth is what we have written in our broadsheet.

Our ideology of following and representing the truth is also visible in our logo and masthead. Our logo, designed by our head designer Sahil Ahuja, is in the shape of a pen’s nib disguising a sword in it, which represents the old English proverb- The pen is mightier than the sword. It also has “Semper veritas” written on the nib’s rim, which is the Latin for “always truth”. Our masthead, which includes the name “The Verity” and the logo, is in the shape of a pen, a writers’ weapon which along with the elements of the logo and the name completely represents our ideology and what our newspaper represents.

Our ideology is well followed in our articles which have been prepared by our reporters Sunakshi Soni, Divya Nangia and Aarushi Sarin after careful precisions of our Editor’s and Sub-Editors’ journalistic talents and it will also be seen in our design and graphics that emanates from the will to be sophisticated, dignified and righteous. Our Editor, Sakshi Shroff, and our Sub Editors, Antarik Anwesan and Tanvi Dube guided the team comprising of the above mentioned people and Ankit Goyla, our ad-designer, with zest and confidence and have made sure that these three qualities are well maintained within the limits of truth, which has helped justify the name “The Verity”.

The Verity Online

Keeping in view the increasing number of people who gather their news and information from the cyber media, the Verity Team decided to take out its own 'e-paper' and make 'The Verity' available to news enthusiasts, writers and designers worldwide. This was also done so that it would be easy for us to reach our many freelance writers who have contributed to the success of The Verity.

The Links to all the pages of the e-paper are provided below:
Page 1: Front Page

Pages 2 & 3: City Sensor
Pages 4 & 5: National Neurotics
Page 6: Voyages
Page 7: Brain-o-lia
Page 8: Edit Ebulience
Page 9: Overt Opinions
Page 10: Exclusive- Picturesque
Page 11: Features Fetish
Page 12: Panache
Page 13: Advertisement
Page 14: International Interlude
Page 15: Trends Transcend
Page 16: Infants Art!!
Page 17: Exclusive- Pottermore
Pages 18 & 19: Enter Entertainment
Page 20: Fun Fills
Page 21: Lifestyle Levels
Page 22: Business Bullets
Page 23 & 24: Sports Stand

The content provided in The Verity Online is original and authentic to the best of the knowledge of the Editor. All articles not written by The Verity Team have been duly acknowledged and have been published with the prior written permission of the author. All advertisements in the paper have been designed (wholly or partly) by members of The Verity Team and/or their friends and have been published with prior permission of the owner. Images that have been acquired from Google do not have a credit line and The Verity doesn't own these images. They have been used since The Verity is not a publication and is neither registered. The Verity is a college assignment only and doesn't have any circulation. 

DISCLAIMER: No pages, parts of pages, articles, cartoons, illustrations, artwork, photographs, styles, charts, or anything else of The Verity e-paper can be reproduced in any way, printed or digital. All Rights are reserved by the Editor. Infringement of Copyright is punishable under The Copyright Act, 1957 of the Constitution of India.

The Verity Team

The Verity Team was proud to be a bunch of talented individuals who contributed their best to the success of the newspaper.